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UPDATE: Japanese Style Competition Entry

In June 2017, I entered the Kimono Fabric Design Competition. The brief stated that entrants must create an A4 sized design that they would wear themselves, that could be used to produce a Kimono. You may have seen my previous blog post about this competition.

An overview of the competition can be seen below, also stating prizes. This has been taken from the competition website. (Link:

My design is titled 'Modern Japan Kimono Design'. I have tried to combined Traditional Japan with Modern Japan within one design. My design statement is as follows:

"The design that I have created reflects a combination of both Traditional Japan and Modern Japan. The Kimono is a very traditional piece of clothing in Japan. Therefore, I have decided that I should use Japan, itself, as my design inspiration. I wanted to try and give the kimono a modern look, using block shapes, in bright colours, unlike the intricate florals that are more traditionally used. The main component in my design is a Japanese hand fan, that has been repeated in different colours. I have decided to use a hand fan to produce my design because it is an iconic, traditional item in Japan, that has been recognised worldwide as a symbol for the country."

My entry:

The results for the competition was announced at the end of August 2017. It turns out that I won! More details can be found at But for now, here is a screenshot from the website with all the winning entries.

The exhibition dates for 2017 are as followed:

I am so pleased with the outcome of this competition. Thanks for reading!

Katie. x

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