Bountiful Counties

December 2016 - March 2017

‘Bountiful Counties’ was a project brief set by fashion company David Nieper. The brief was given to Second Year University of Derby students as a competition to design four fabrics that could be worn by their target market. The fabrics had to be designed for the following categories: nightwear, travelwear, daywear and eveningwear. I am happy to say that I was shortlisted to the Top 15 for this competition. David Nieper requested that the designs should reflect a British influence and that each student should take inspiration from a county, city, town or village. I focused my prints on Northamptonshire, my home county. I began looking into flowers, but eventually took inspiration from the shapes seen within church windows. My prints are screen-printed using acid dyes and illuminating dyes. Foiling, discharge (bleach out) and tie dye techniques adorn a few of my designs and wool and silk fabrics have been used to print onto. 

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