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Powerful Nature

A commission for the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, displayed from September 2019 to January 2020.

Japan and Nature - multiple textile designs Katie Gilbert Printed on duchess satin, 2019 In 2017 Katie Gilbert, a student at Derby University, won the Kimono Fabric Design Competition run by the Japan Textile Dyeing Joint Association. Japanese craftsman Tomihiro painted an interpretation of her design in the Yuzen technique as part of her prize. Katie’s work was shown in Japan, Germany and France. Her winning fan motif is printed on this textile. ‘To give the design a modern look, I used block shapes and bright colours, unlike the intricate florals that are more traditionally used. The main component to the design is the repeat of hand fans…an iconic, traditional item in Japan, that [is] recognised worldwide as a symbol of the country’. Katie then created the Coleoptera Flora series for her MA Fashion and Textiles degree. The collection is inspired by Japanese styles, beetles and flowers, which she used to produce a women’s fashion accessory collection. A selection of her designs are printed here. ‘Derby Museum and Art Gallery was a vital source for my research, as I took much of my inspiration from their collection of insects’.

Project Gallery

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